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    Mister Red


    Mr Red is a sweet brick red male with white "portholes". His color scheme ranges from the brick red you see here to a light pink. Cherrie is a lovely red flame girl. Their offspring tends to sell out quickly!



    The Phantom Pinstripes! Thor is a gorgeous male with great structure and both phantom AND reverse pinstripes. His reverse pinstripes highlight red and become more pronounced as he fires up. Tang is a great example of a yellow / orange phantom pinner!

    The Neons

    The Neons

    Neons... my gosh. So stunning that I haven't even named the pair... they are famous enough to just be called "The Neons"! Two pics above are of the same two animals. As you can see when they fire up, they are a delicious cheeto orange with green tiger striping. Their stomachs stay cheeto orange even when not fired up. Offspring from these can look quite unspectacular to the naked eye but they start to develop coloration that's noticeable by 3 months of age and it just increases into adulthood. Stunning!



    The next generation of our Super Brindle project! Dio is the new and incredible male who is in his first season. Lilly is our beautiful girl who has been the matron of the project for the last two years. We're really excited to see offspring from this pair!



    Both of these animals come from deep Super Dalmatian bloodlines and have already produced some spectacular offspring! Spotnik was a tiny and tailless dehydrated baby when I found him at a show. Nugget was aquired in a bloodline swap, also as an un-sexed hatchling.



    Bullet was a find at an expo. He was tailless and I had no lineage info on him but he had at least three previous owners. I took a chance and put him in my Super Dalmatian project. His mate last year was Buckshot who was aquired in yet another bloodline swap as an un-sexed hatchling. I guess I have a good eye for picking out youngsters!



    Siren is a magnificent Pink Super Dalmatian with mostly red spots and a nice cluster spot on his back. Pellet comes from Super Dalmatian lines and fires up a nice orange. We are just starting to get offspring from this pairing and are keeping them under wraps for the time being.



    Now in their second season here at Dragontown. This is our "something will be orange" configuration! Zippy is well... zippy! He's a hyper runner, flighty and beautiful. He features nice orange coloration, great flaming and reverse pinning along with partial "normal" pinning. Sunkist is just beautiful to us. Her color and markings are awesome and her head and neck crests are bordered with a thick charcoal gray outlining.



    Both of these animals have a good mix of regular and jumbo spots and come from unrelated Super Dalmatian bloodlines. To date, every baby to hatch has been astounding. We're getting Blushers with a mix of red and black spots (many of them pretty chunky!)We also held back their very first hatchling from 2010 and she is now one of our breeder females (See Snappy below).



    Here's a new pairing for 2013! Ace is beautiful yellow pinstripe with a thick, laterals. Giza turns an awesome red and has a pretty thick dorsal. We're keeping their babies under wraps for the time being!


    Last year, Maya was with Thor and produced some really nice yellow pins and reverse pins. This year she was paired with Ace and well, the results are really nice!



    We jumped on the chance to bring Pixel into the fold! He's got great spotting and structure. He's a flightly lunatic, perhaps why he lost his tail before we found him! Snappy is the first ever hatchling produced by Spotticus and Christa and was named for her penchant to leap out of her enclosure to grab dubias from tweezers. We have produced several nice offspring from this pair!



    Jet has such a wonderful thick dorsal and that was the reason he was brought into Dragontown. He has been paired with Lulu and the offspring have been pretty spectacular. It looks like Jet's solid dorsal is being passed on to a lot of his offspring with Lulu!



    Our beautiful first pair of Pine Island Chahoua! Love the lime green and pink highlights...These two are just gorgeous, don't you agree? (We will be expanding the PI collection for 2013... stay tuned!)



    Well here they are, our stunning Mainland Chahoua. Paul and Paulina have produced a few offspring that generally look like Mommy, showing lots of red mixed in with some darker colors. Chahoua are so much fun and generally sweet... but watch out for Paulina after she lays eggs. She guards them like a mother hen!



    These lovely ladies spent the season with Camaro again and produced a number of beautiful offspring! Nova looks pink at times and fires up red. Firebird is a sweet chunker with orange!


    Camaro is the main man for the aurics and has fathered some great offspring. Make sure you check the future breeders page to see how the auriculatus department will be expanding in the NEAR future!



    New girls for 2012! They have both been paired with Marlin below and have produced stunning results. Hornet is a red blotch retic that has great color and heavy reticulated patterning when she fires up. Gremlin is a very nice aberrant auriculatus that turns peach-colored when fired!


    Marlin is an awesome red blotch male. We are holding back all of the offspring from this trio... there's some great stuff that we'll be releasing eventually, but for now we will say that Marlin is definitely passing on his genes!

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