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    Bubba is a very sweet-natured, one-year old male crested gecko. He is also a prime example of what happens when a crested gecko does not receive proper nutrition. I “rescued” him from a keeper who kept him on a diet of fruit baby food exclusively. He was only six months old at the time I took him and was suffering from severe calcium deficiency.

    As can be seen here, Bubba’s body is very contorted. Upon receiving him, I also observed periodic seizures. It was time to kick his rehabilitation into full swing. I obtained liquid calcium from a veterinarian and gave him daily dosages along with Vitamin D3 so that he could absorb it into his body. I also fed him crickets dusted with vitamin and mineral supplement powder as well as T-Rex Crested Gecko diet.

    Within a few weeks, I no longer noticed seizures and Bubba began to sit peacefully in my hand, wrapped around my fingers. I’ve switched his diet over to Repashy Superfood and dusted crickets. He is generally hand-fed the Superfood and left on his own to hunt crickets. He is kept in a small enclosure so that he doesn’t have too much trouble locating his food.

    Bubba will never breed (never feel the loving, cold-blooded embrace of a female Crestie!), but he is a happy gecko nonetheless. He still has physical issues; he doesn’t jump, he doesn’t run and he doesn’t always grab on too well. He is also quite shy as I have yet to witness him eat a cricket (though I know he does because they do disappear!) He’s still in the process of recovery but will never be like the other geckos in my population. In the meantime, I make his life as pleasant and easy as possible.

    The moral here is: before you get a gecko or any animal as a pet, please make sure that you research and fully understand the needs of the animal. A simple dietary plan could have prevented Bubba from developing the calcium deficiency and likely Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) that he suffers from. For information on the proper care and diet for Crested Geckos, please see the care sheet on my site.

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