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    Please contact us via e-mail regarding any available animal on our “Available” page. Animals are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. PayPal payment is preferred. Please note that the cost of overnight shipping is not included in the listed price of the animal. Shipping cost will be determined at the time of sale. Please also remember that multiple animals can usually be shipped for the same cost. We ship via Fed Ex Priority Overnight on Mondays through Wednesdays with an anticipated package arrival by 10:30AM on the morning following shipment. Please note that I cannot ship to a post office box.

    Dragontown will not ship animals when temperatures here or at the destination are predicted to be below 40 degrees or above 80 degrees. During cold weather, heat packs will be supplied at no additional cost. Please make sure that we have all your shipping information, and that your PayPal account reflects your actual shipping address. We are not responsible for losses if an incorrect mailing address is submitted with a PayPal payment.

    Animals have a live arrival guarantee when temperatures at this end and at your end are between 40 and 80 degrees. Please note: the buyer must be present to sign for the package when it arrives or the guarantee is void!! If the weather is extreme, Dragontown reserves the right to postpone shipment until the weather conditions are suitable. If an animal is DOA, you must notify us via e-mail as soon as possible and no later than 8 hours after delivery. The cost of the animal minus shipping will be refunded after reasonable proof of the animal's death has been provided. Dragontown is not responsible for the loss or death of any animal due to errors made on the part of UPS our any other carrier. All animals have a seven day health guarantee.

    Before sending any money, please e-mail us to make sure the desired animal is still available and so that we can discuss shipping dates and arrangements. Be sure to include the code number of the animal in your e-mail. When making PayPal payments, please be sure to include the cost of shipping which will be determined at the point of sale when your zip code is provided. If you wish for us to hold an animal for you, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be placed. Unless weather is an issue with shipping, the animal will be held for 30 days until full payment is due. If full payment is not received within 30 days, you will lose your deposit and the animal will be re-listed.

    An animal is NOT guaranteed to be male or female unless specifically stated on the Available page. Since colors of a gecko can vary depending on temps, stress level and the gecko’s mood, color is not guaranteed. Gecko colors often change as they mature and there is no way to be 100% certain of how their adult colors will appear. We strive to present our animals as accurately as possible and can always send you more photos upon request.

    You must be over age 18 or have permission from your parent/guardian before purchase.

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